How Does Google + effect in SERP

SERP means Search Engine ranking Page. Google considers various factors to show the different websites in the Google search engine ranking. Many people believe that Google also considers the various factors related to the Google plus for the website ranking in SERP.


Google + is a social network site that is developed and introduced by the Google itself. Google do not have made it clear that Google + has something to do with their search engine results.

The different researches by the different people and companies has stated that the Google + is affecting the search result rankings. The research shows that the following process can be used to improve the Search Engine Optimization:-

  1. Maximum numbers of followers

It is the factors that affects the quantity instead of the quality. It is beneficial for the SEO results to have the maximum numbers of friends. The research showed that if you share the some link on your Google+ profile and your followers searches them in the Google Search Engine, they will find it in the top positions. But if the person rather than your follower who are not logged in the Google + will not find the website in the top positions.

  1. Connecting the Google + page with the website

You can connect your website and Google+ account to improve your page in SERP. You can add the Google + page in your website in such a way that no one can see it. The research showed it improved the Google search result for many websites.


  1. Fill the profile with complete information

Make sure that you have completely filled your profile and pages. As the Google determines all the information included in the pages properly for the Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Setting up the Authorship

You can give the authorship for any of the news and articles that is written by you. You can authorship it by your Google+ account. Use your email address that is included in your Google + account while giving name to any articles. The different researches has shown that it helps to improve the ranking in the Google search results.

Many companies would want to make their website available in the first place when anyone searches for the product related to them. As 68% of the people who has made a search in the various search engine tools will enter in the first website of the result, the different companies and brands tries every possible steps to make their product/brand show up in the first place.


Google + is one of the factor that is said to have the impact on the search engine results and some researches has proved it too. However, Google do not confirm that it effects on their search engine tool.

When different products are promoted in the social Medias, it helps to gain the more popularity increasing the maximum numbers of visits in the company’s website. It too helps the company and the brand to reach the top positions in the Google search rankings.

10 SEO check list You Must Follow

Search engine optimization referred as “SEO” is the process to make any web pages or website visible in the search engine tools. It is the activity engaged to improve the search engine rankings in the free search results.


Google and other search engine tools always shows the results that is relevant to the search key words and the results are generated according to the popularity of the websites. Google shows the result by measuring the quality and quantity of the links from various other web pages. It means that if your webpage is provided with the link by other many webpages then there is possibility that your website will be ranked in the top positions in the Google Search.

To improve the search results of any websites, you should make sure that it covers all the bases and important information about your websites. The following 10 things are recommended by MMilas’ SEO services in Chicago, to be checked first to make your base strong.

  1. Title Tag (<title>) – it is the blue texts that are shown in any search results. The title must be of 6 to 7 words and make sure that the keywords are perfect for your website content.
  2. Meta Description – it is a small description about the websites. It is shown under the title. The proper description about the website should be given.
  3. URLs- provide easy to understand URLs to your page. It should be easy that the URL will provide the basic knowledge to the viewer about your websites and webpage.seo-process
  4. Headings (<H1> and <H2>) – in this title, the proper keywords should be included. The viewer should be able to know about your website without reading the full body of the website.
  5. Navigation – provide the clear navigation for your page. The user should be easily able to search various topics in your webpage.
  6. Synonyms – optimizing the synonyms for the keyword is one of the best idea. Mostly it is very beneficial for the English web sites. The Search engines also uses the synonyms of the various keywords to rank the websites in the search results. It is considers only for the English language web sites.
  7. Spelling Mistakes – many people makes the spelling mistakes while searching for the various things in search engine tools. So, it is good idea to optimize the spellings too. So, the popular keywords should be optimized.
  8. Footer – the bottom side of the websites should be provided with some more navigation choices. The user should be able to quickly access the various other related websites.
  9. Images – the images can be optimized. It can be done by right clicking on the “image” and click on the “inspect element”. In the “img alt” option, give the clear description about your page.
  10. Keyword proximity

It checks how the various texts in the keywords are related with each other’s.

SEO checks how the search engine works and what types of search keywords are most used in the search engines. It helps you to improve your websites in the various search results.

Social Signal and SEO — How are they Interrelated

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of the websites in the different search results. There are many people who shares the various website links in the different social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter and others.

5_SEO_Tips_for_BeginnersMany people thinks that the sharing the links will help to improve the search result ranking of such websites. But does these social signals impacts on the search engine ranking? This is the question today every businessman and website developer is discussing.

Many researches has shown that the social Medias do have the some effect on the search engine tools. However, Google itself told that they do not use any of the social signals to determine the any website rank in its search engine tools. The social signals might not have the big impact on the SEO ranking but they are related with each other’s.

The search engine tools displays the results according to the quality and content of the searched website. And many people shares this useful and meaningful website on the various social media platforms. So, the quality link is always available in the social Medias and on the top rank of the search engine results.

shutterstock_94509904The growth in the use of the social Medias might impact the search results indirectly. The social Medias helps to make different brands popular. It helps to improve the brand awareness and many people tries to access the company online. And when the brands website are found, they can also be linked. So, it helps the ranking as the links are one of the important factors that affects the search rankings.

Today, many companies promote their products on the social Medias. The users are answered about the brand by the company through the social Medias such as twitter and Facebook. When the access to the company is easier, it helps to win the customer trust and loyalty. It will help the company to get the good reviews on the sites such as Yelp and Google Local.

Being active in the social media, the company can develop the close relation with the customers. The CEO of Vudu Marketing has suggested that the number and positivity of such reviews are various important factors that helps to improve the brand rankings in the local search rankings. So, Google might determine such factors in local ranking and can have the impact on the national rankings.

Similarly, the customers are facilitated to communicate with the companies regularly through the available social media sites. It develops the close relation between them and company and the user tries to visit the company’s website time and again.

It helps to increase the average number of “time-on-site” metric. It can also affect the website ranking in the search results as it is believed that Google also consider this types of the factors. Google tracks how often the website is visited and the time spent on different users in the particular websites. However, Google itself have not confirmed that they use these “time-on-site” metric for the ranking of the search results.

8 Tips to Maximize Your ROI with Your SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the result of the websites in the unpaid search engine tools. It helps to increase the number of the people to visit your business website which will result to increase your business revenue.


After developing the SEO strategy, the ROI should always be calculated. ROI means Return of Investment. It means calculating the effect of SEO. Before calculating the ROI, one should note that SEO is the long term solution. It will not immediately affect your business. The certain time might be required to have its effect on your business.

To increase the ROI co-operating with the SEO company, the followings are some of the tips:-

  1. Define the business goals

The SEO Company should be provided with the detail information about your company goal. Both the short term and long term goals should be defined. It will help the SEO Company to develop the SEO strategy according to your company goal.


  1. Developing the new strategy – improving the old one

The discussion about the developing the new strategies to increase the business revenue should be made with the SEO company. Ask the company to have some improvement in the existing methods.

  1. Define your targets

Provide the detail about your target audience to the SEO companies. The company should know the type of the customers you are looking for. It helps SEO to utilize the tools like Google Analytics to reach your audience in various geographic reasons. It will also help the company to develop the proper environment for your audience and website to interact.

  1. Offline marketing

The marketing of the business products on the various online platforms are good idea. Similarly, various offline marketing plans helps the business to grow more. When you make such a plan, contact the SEO Company if they have any strategy to make such offline marketing plans strong.

  1. Keyword optimization

Any website should contain the keywords that are closely related to the website contents. Use the keywords that your customer would probably use to visit your website. The SEO Company will suggest the most effective keywords for your business.

  1. Develop the page that answers all the customer answers

When anybody visits your website, they would be interested to ask you various questions about your business. By coordinating with the SEO Company, you can create a content that will help you to answer about all the possible questions that the customers might ask.

  1. Provide Feedback to the SEO company

The SEO Company should be provided with the information about the way your business is going. You should notify if your business is doing good or not. It will help to develop the new strategy according to your feedback.


  1. Taking customers Advise

You can discuss your website content with the customers on the various social media like Facebook and Twitter. Get the feedback of the customers and discuss it with the SEO company to develop the strategy to grow the business.